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As I sit here staring at the screen deciding what to write as my 1st blog entry it becomes more difficult than I thought. Ideas begin to flow in and out of my mind with so many topics to choose from, I become lost in this maze that I put myself in only leading to where I began. I just started to think how can it be so difficult writing about the things I love? I just want a blog that’s about fashion where I talk about stylish trends, people who are making stylish fashion statements, and great shopping! Basically talking about anything that involves great clothes! Thinking about all of this lead me to this season: spring 2008 RTW. If you were paying attention to what was in almost every magazine there was the most uncreative items I’ve ever seen! I’m usually thrilled when my power issues arrive in the mail. I have a little ritual I do every season:

  1. Cut out my favorite looks and trends

  2. Create my must-haves list

  3. The best part of all Shopping!!!

For me spring 2008 didn’t leave me with a must-have list or any magazine cut outs. There was nothing that was worth buying! Pastel colors, wide-leg trousers, floral prints, ethnic prints, etc are almost a part of every spring season. (I’m just glad the gladiator sandals are back I’ve wanted a pair for a while now.)

There was such a lack of creativity with Marc Jacobs’ heel in the wrong place to John Galliano turning a cashmere cardigan upside down and making it a skirt. I can’t believe people call this “innovative”!!! I call it lack of creativity and one lousy trend. Here is the worst from this season.

Chanel Jumpsuit

John Galliano Cardigan Skirt


balenciaga armor

Benjamin Cho

Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs



Dolce & Gabbana

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  • Kristen says:

    I love your blog. I read through a few of your post…i’m not into fashion as i would like to be but it seems if i read some of your blogs, i might be more inspired.

    i would love to chat with you on BB messenger about your fashion antics 🙂

    my username on the forum is kris-ten.

    Look me up and add me 🙂

    toddles 🙂 xoxoxo

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