Buying into Trends

Okay patterned tights and menswear inspired shoes! Two things or trends that I would never think that I would end up buying. Ever since I saw the sheer polka-dot tights come down Balenciaga’s runway I couldn’t get them out of my head. They are sophisticated, chic, and lady like all in one, and they can transform any dull outfit. Now I’m not really a patterned tights kind of girl! Don’t get me wrong lace tights can look good on the right person but me personally I don’t think I could pull that one off! However, I do believe the polka-dot sheers could easily adapt into my own wardrobe. Now I’m a major fan of spanx and I’m so happy they jumped on the trend bandwagon because I love tights from spanx years and no runs in my stockings yet! So today I happily made my 1st major fall trend purchase of the polka-dot sheers! I’m so excited to see them and wear them! I’m already planning outfits in my head!


As a little girl I was forced to wear two-tone spectator version of the now popular again oxford. I hated the uniform and the shoes I was forced to wear along with them. Never did I think that I’d wear oxfords again. However, after I saw these Joie suede lace-up oxford flats the other day I almost forgot about the ballet flat! These shoes are UNBELIEVABLY soft and light weight with a thin sole. How could a girl say no to these!? Available in different solid colors a girl can totally get away with these as her everyday fall shoe staple! I’m officially hooked on these trends!


Are there any fall purchases that you made that you didn’t expect?

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