Keeping up with Miss Jones

My fashion icon, maven, style inspiration, girl of the moment, is none other than New York socialite Genevieve Jones. She is one of the most stylish woman I’ve seen in a while.  Its always fun to see how creative people can be when putting together your own outfits without the help of a stylist. I’ve noticed Miss Jones over the past several years but last year I couldn’t help to style stalk her. She always looks effortlessly styled whenever she is photographed. Last year she did a series of guest blogging for Interview magazine called “Keeping up with Miss Jones“. After keeping posted on her day to day life during fashion week, I was ready to retire my dreams of being and Fashion Editor/Creative Director and hit the streets of LA (of course) and become a little style socialite like Miss Jones. However, I think It would be easier to to stick to what I’m good at and not quit my day job. Even if she may not be your style icon I believe anyone can draw inspiration from her chic street style.

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