I've been thinking about you lately

When I first saw this AMAZINGNESS yea I said it! I’m not even sure if that’s a word but whatever! This is the coolest piece of leather that I ever seen! It will be the only leather vest that I’ll ever buy, if I can find it! And I’m going to wear it proud, in or out of style. I don’t know what over came me at the time I seen this vest on one of my clients at the consignment boutique I work at, but I’ve been stalking ebay ever since I saw it. At the time I wasn’t really familiar with Alexander Wang, (I know don’t shoot me please) but the vest was fall and it was now spring and I couldn’t find it in any stores anymore 🙁 .  Yesterday doing my weekly ebay rounds looking for past season items I’ve missed out on, I discovered an ebay listing for my favorite leather vest but in a size 0, no worries I have a feeling that my size will pop up sooner or later!

The lovely Amerie modeling the infamous vest

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