Valentino The Last Emperor

Current Elliot jeans, Gap Shirt, & Valentino bag

Now this has got to be the most amazing sequined bag that I’ve ever seen. I walked into Great Labels and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this hanging behind the counter. Now with a $3, 995 retail price tag I’m not sure who would consign this beauty! Although, this bag is on consignment at $2,900 it’s still out of my reach (anyone want to purchase me a belated birthday gift?). It can be paired with any outfit  and make you look stylish. I just cannot stop drooling over this purse. . .I was browsing The Purse Blog and came across a post about the Valentino Paillette-Embellished Tote within the same family style but not as amazing as this one! I wonder how could they miss this beauty?

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