Fall Ready

Lately I’ve been in full throttle shopping mode. From boots, chunky knits, lace, silk shirts, to leather shorts. I’m updating my whole fall wardrobe. I don’t think I’ve ever shopped this much for fall–let’s just hope that LA gives us somewhat of a winter so I can enjoy all my new clothes!

While I’m still awaiting more packages for all my fall treats I can’t stop thinking of all the outfits I can possibly come up with. I decided to buy some faux fur this year. However, I’m quite busty so I think a fur coat would make me look like a cub—maybe a bear since I’m 5’9 lol so I shy away from the coats. The vest is just enough to keep me from looking like I have football pads on underneath.

I usually don’t like to mix browns with blacks because I’ve always thought I looked weird—don’t ask me why I just did. I just discovered how well black and brown complement one another now I don’t have to worry about how I don’t have enough black handbags as I do browns. p.s. my mannequin had a little fall while changing her and her hand broke 🙁

zara vest, forever 21 jacket, h&m shorts, fendi purse, ash booties, belt unknow

I was flipping through my fall catalog from the new Bloomingdale’s in Santa Monica and they had all these cute outfit ideas! This past Saturday I decided to put the look to the test and try out this look for myself.

derek lam dress, zara sweater, vera wang necklace, forever21 tights, miu miu oxfords

Memo to myself—-I wore this dress with biker shorts for a reason! Too short to wear working at a boutique all day! I’m not sure if I’ll wear this outfit combo again, but I’d have to say I really love that Zara sweater! I’ve gotten three different looks out of it in 2weeks!

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