Purple Reign


being silly during fittings

Last year right before thanks giving I was asked to join a team of stylist to help shoot a mix tape music video for this new R&B group called Purple Reign who happened to be signed by Rodney Jenkins to Darkchild/Universal Motown. Three stylist, six looks, a very tight budget, and three girls. The challenge was that they haven’t found the third member of their group (which I think lead to why the shoot never happened). While working on pulling from where we could I became close with one of the stylist, Kerstin John. Shes such a sweetheart!

Photo From Facebook Pagephoto from their website

With that being said, we were not called back when they rescheduled the video shoot but here are photos from all the hard work we put in! The girls are amazing singers and have the sweetest personalities, I only wish them the best in their careers!


Me and Kerstin John working hard at 1am in the studio

Nick, Justin, and me


Kerstin and Justin discussing looks lol some one doesn't agree!


Me and Kerstin organizing the racks

Latoya and Siobhan in possible looks

Where all the MAJOR hits were made!




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