Hermes Shoulder Birkin

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Who doesn’t admire Hermes!?  There has to be one bag in their collection that you covet! For me it’s the Jean Paul Gaultier shoulder Birkin. First released in 2005, the now discontinued bag is a rare find, and if you do come across this gem you will have to pay a premium price!

Shoulder Birkin

A consignment shop that I frequent in Santa Monica called Great Labels just got in the JPG shoulder Birkin in Potrion (pumpkin orange) clemence leather with palladium hardware! The stamp dates 2005, which is from the 1st release of the JPG bag. They are asking $10.5k! I could never imagine spending that much on a bag but if I had the funds this baby would be coming home with me today!

JPG Birkin at Great Labels


J Crew Sperry Topsiders shoes, Current/Elliott jeans, F21 shirt, assorted jewelry, Hermes JPG Birkin


JPG shoulder birkin at Great Labels

Fits perfectly over my shoulder!

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