Shopping for Spring!


DV Dolce Vita sandals, J.Crew vintage tees, Jimmy Choo Tam bag, Pelle Moda pumps, F21 denim & floral dress, Gregory Parkinson (Floral & Tie-dye)

This Spring I decided to change the way I shop! Hopefully this works because everyone who knows me knows that I just buy things without thinking. I guess I’m somewhat of an impulse shopper. Anyway, I really want to change the way I dress for Spring because I never really invest in Spring/Summer clothes. So I’m going to chronicle all my S/S purchases and then assess my closet once a month until June and see how many looks I can mix-and-match. No more buying one item that I need to purchase all new things to go with. If it can’t mix into what I already own then I don’t need it! LOL

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