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Back in November I got an amazing opportunity to work with Samuel Francois! He is such a talented stylist and it was a pleasure to assist him for this spread for TVTOR magazine. We shot at this beautiful private estate in Malibu. I’m kinda bummed my favorite look didn’t make the cut but all the shots turned out beautiful. Peep some of the final shots and some behind the scene photos!

Photographer: Matthias Vriens-McGrath

Stylist: Samuel François

Assistant Stylist: Faith Kesington

Hair: Luke Chamberlain

Makeup: Francesca Tolot

Model: Maria Loks at Next Models

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Tvtor magazine launched this February by photographer Matthias Vriens-McGrath. Here is a little back story on how Vriens-McGrath magazine came to life:

The self-financed venture comes more than 10 years after the creative director and photographer catapulted Dutch to become a touchstone title of the Nineties. Vriens-McGrath, now based in Hollywood, promises the same subversive tone and visual potency with Tvtor, which is to cover fashionbeauty and contemporary art.

Indeed, the magazine’s title, the word “tutor” using the Latin alphabet, implies that it “has ambitions to show more than what is currently around,” according to Vriens-McGrath.

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TVTOR magazine from TVTOR on Vimeo.

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