Teen Girl Empowerment Day

This year I  was asked to host a workshop for my friends event she is hosting for young women in our community. I’m so happy Brandi asked me to be apart of this day! Our goal is to empower, enrich and motivate these young women by covering the following categories: inner beauty (self-esteem & goal setting), outer beauty (skin care, makeup & hair care, fashion) and health & fitness. Stay tuned to updates after the event!


Teen girls in the Crescenta Valley community had the opportunity of being the attendees of the first ever Teen Girl Empowerment Day, which was held on May 10 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Fire House youth center on the property of St. Luke’s of the Mountains. The event, aimed to mentor young women, was hosted by Brandi Milloy, a philanthropist and host of “Pop Sugar.” There were also guest speakers and volunteers to help and sponsors included Prom Plus, Crescenta Valley Weekly, Sheer Cover, Atta Girl, Kim&Zozi and OPI. Click here for full article

I was so glad to be apart of this special day! I learned so much from the other speakers, to the young girls and their stories that touched my heart! #FireHouseGirlPower! Check out the full article to see more photos. Also photos on my instagram and tumblr pages too!


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