After trying out these products for over a month, I have to say that I still love how perfect these beauty boxes are curated. I’ve yet to try a product that I won’t replenish once I run out.

I normally use Murad’s spot treatment for quick fixes on surprise blemishes. I started using Lue in replacement and I saw results immediately. It’s a liquid spot treatment that leaves a cooling feeling once applied. I will definitely be keeping this in rotation. Next up is the SinfulColors top-coat. Now It’s rare that I paint my own nails so I’m not sure how accurate my opinion is on this but I did feel like its shine lasted longer than my OPI topcoat that I normally use.

The Eyeko shadow stick is easy to use and a great metallic color to ad a little shine to your lids. I didn’t notice any creasing on my lids and I didn’t even apply any primer! I like the idea of the quick treat by Glov but make sure you wash it before using. When I used it for the first time it worked perfectly at removing my eye makeup but it irritated my skin so much I was almost afraid to use it again. I washed it with Dove soap and it did the trick! I love that you don’t have to scrub your face to get your eye makeup off. Two to three wipes and your done!

The Sebastian dark oil might be one of my favorite products yet. I love how lightweight this product is. I hate when hair oils add weight and make your hair stringy. I’ve applied this oil to my hair almost everyday and have never had that problem. It absorbs quickly while still giving your hair that shine you need! This is a must-have hair product.

I’m not too big on using foams or gels for shaving so I was excited to try Tree Hut’s moisturizing shave oil. I normally use a moisturizing shaving cream and apply oil after shaving. However, I didn’t need to apply oil after using Tree Huts product! The shaving oil didn’t dry out my skin and left my legs smooth as ever! This product is amazing and give you such a close shave.

Now I love a good sheet mask, especially one that helps control my oily skin. I instantly noticed the difference in my skin over next few days after using Fango’s Essenziali mask. I’ve now worked this mask into my weekly beauty treatment! Last but not lease is LA Splash cosmetics lipgloss. I love how pigmented this gloss is and long lasting! I loved the color even more, it’s like a blood orange/coral tone. You can’t go wrong with this formula – long lasting, highly pigmented and moisturizing!

So has anyone subscribed to a monthly beauty box? If not you should at least give it a try. They curate the perfect beauty boxes and I’ve discovered so many cool new products. I can’t wait till my next Glossy Box!