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Kickin It In Screen Savers

March 18, 2015

Kho Phi Phi

This month I took a trip of a life time to Phuket, Thailand to visit my brother who has been currently living there for over a year. Being the 1st time traveling outside of the States, I was beyond excited! There was so much to see and do that I filled every day that I was there with activities. Along with taking photos of breathtaking viewpoints I filmed video clips of my journey through Thailand. I visited Phang Nga Bay, Kho Phi Phi and most of Phuket from Patong to Rawai. I felt like I was kicking it in screen savers the whole time. Pictures cannot describe how beautiful this place is in person. I can’t wait to visit South East Asia again and explore more!

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Denim Styling 101

December 29, 2014


When styling outfits basics are a key essential! Starting out with a great fitting pair of jeans. One of my favorite things about denim is that you can wear it anywhere, dress them up or down. I like my denim in solid washes and I prefer the leg to be skinny. My new favorite pair of skinny jeans are “casey” by True Religion jeans because they are the perfect length and fit for my body. When picking out jeans I like to make sure there is at least 6% stretch in my jeans because I like my jeans to be able to move with my body. Too much stretch isn’t good either. Another reason why I love these True Religion jeans is because they don’t stretch out! They only stretch to your body but don’t lose its shape and become baggy like others.


When in doubt a white tee is the perfect top to pair with your jeans no matter what wash they may be. The perfect tee is another essential item to have a part of your wardrobe. Because I’m busty I prefer V-neck tees over crew necks but I wear them both.

The third key piece when styling your jeans is a classic leather moto jacket. Today I’m going for a more neutral pallet. So I’ve paired my white tee with a beige leather jacket. With these key pieces my jeans are perfectly styled. From this foundation I can layer on jewelry or keep it simple with a few rings and a watch. To add another element to my look, layering is the best way to go. I choose to layer a sleeveless long vest underneath my jacket. Staying within the same color pallet this vest instantly dresses up my look. Read more…

New Comfort Zone

December 26, 2014


Now working full time as a e-commerce assistant stylist I find myself having to re-work my wardrobe. I don’t  wear heels as much anymore and I’m finally caving into owning a lot more pairs of sneakers than I could ever imagine. It’s kinda fun shopping for sneakers and finding new ways to work in my wardrobe.

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Merry Christmas and Holiday Wishes!

December 25, 2014


Coat Forever 21 | Top J.Crew | Jeans Victoria Beckham | Flats Abound

Ways To Wear The Classic Fall Coat

November 12, 2014


Everyone has a classic coat in their closets. Even though the classic coat is basically a fall wardrobe staple these tend to not get much rotation in everyday life.

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Layered Kintwear

October 31, 2014


After a while all sweaters start looking the same. I love this play on a faux layered sweater from J. Crew. Sometimes when trying to layer some of your knits over a shirt it adds too much bulk to your frame. Any chunky knit instantly adds bulk to your frame especially if you’re curvy like me. So when layering opt for a thinner knit sweater or try a sweater that creates a layer for you like the one I’m wearing.

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Oversized Sweaters

October 28, 2014


The thought of wearing winter clothes right not just makes me sweat! Here in LA as usual the temperatures are still high (I wore cutoffs the other day)! So while the rest of the states are enjoying the change of seasons I sweated it out in my new Chloe sweater that I’ve been itching to wear. I love oversize sweaters for fall especially because they can be worn as dresses until it gets too cold. They are a great layering piece!  Pair it with tights or jeans if you can’t be bare legged.

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